You’re passionate and creative.

You have tons of business ideas. 

But, you get a bit overwhelmed when you think about all that goes into running your business.

You don’t exactly know what you should be doing and what the next steps should be to make your business more successful. However, you do know that you need a strategy to make it all work.

I’m here to help you with that strategy. To help you utilize your creativity to ignite innovation while making strategic decisions to achieve your business goals.

…Ok, that was a mouthful!

You’re an entrepreneur, which means you have a lot of ideas and want to make change in your community. I’m here to help you do that. I provide business strategy services that help you develop your ideas, create business & marketing plans, and execute those plans.


Business Strategy is taking an idea, creating a plan & a way to execute the plan, and then acting according to the plan.

What makes NaidaK, Inc. different?

NaidaK, Inc. was created from a passion to help Entrepreneurs start and develop successful businesses. K.L. Ferguson started this company based on a desire to work with individuals who seek financial independence through entrepreneurism. It’s exciting, challenging, and stressful when starting and then growing a business. The goal is to work with you to develop a business strategy that grows your business, allowing you to execute more of your business ideas and enter new business markets.


I look forward to working with you on your business.

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