5 Steps to Getting a Government Contract

  Want to Grow Your Business? Consider Federal Government Contracts   5 Steps to Getting a Federal Government Contract     If you’re looking for new markets for your business, consider getting a Federal Government contract. This article focuses on Federal Government (“Government”) contracts but the same general principles may apply to state, county and[…]

Validate Your Business Idea

Validate Your Business Idea   You have a great business idea and you’re ready to launch. Before you launch full scale you may want to launch to a smaller market to see how your business is received. This will show you if you’re really solving a problem that people have. The way you do this[…]

Entrepreneur Act, How to Get Started: Execution

Entrepreneur Act How to Get Started: Execution   You have an idea and a plan to turn that idea into a business. NOW it’s time to execute that idea. Here’s how you do that with these 3 steps.   1. Laser focused plan execution You’ve created your plan of how you’re going to turn your[…]