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How to Get Started: Idea Creation


Do you have the drive to be an Entrepreneur but you don’t have a business idea?

Do you have a great method to bring products to market but lack a product?

The five steps below will help you come up with ideas you can use to build a successful business.


5 steps to having a great business idea


1. Make a list of what you enjoy

Most successful entrepreneurs notice problems that many people overlook or just deal with. If you have ever seen a new product in stores and thought ‘oh I had that idea!’ then you have an entrepreneurial mind.

Over the course of a week be more aware of your experiences and take notes on things that you like and you enjoy doing.

Focus also on the things that your friends and family enjoy doing, reading, and eating. Ask your friends and family why they enjoy these things so you will be more familiar with why it works, so you can turn it into a business.


2. Explore what you hate

For the next seven days, while you’re being more aware of your experiences also take notes on the things that are annoying or inconvenient to you, your family, and your friends.

Determine what makes these things annoying and what should be changed to make them more enjoyable. Those changes that need to be made can be the start of your business.


3. Figure out what you are passionate about then create or teach

You don’t need to be an expert in order to help others. If you’re passionate about something you will be interested in knowing a lot about it. This interest will lead to you gaining a wealth of knowledge, which you can share with others.

You can do this by blogging or offering hands-on training.

If you don’t want to teach you can create a product from your passion.

Examples of this passion leading to a product are Henry Ford’s passion that cars be affordable for all and Steve Job’s passion that we have a multi-touch screen phone.

It’s encouraging to note that Ford did not invent the car and Jobs did not invent the phone but they created a new product based on existing ideas and changed the world.


4. Look at Indeed job postings or Craigslist ads to see for what positions companies are hiring

This will give you a good indication of what services are in demand in your area.

If there are a number of job listing for a particular service you can create a company that provides those services or training for those services.

If you’re an inventor, you can create a product that can enhance those services or can be used by those employees.


5. Find people who live the life you want to live and learn from them

Many people look at those who are successful and say they want to be just like them but in reality it’s not usually the case. When looking to find someone as a mentor or inspiration, look beyond the zeros in their bank account and instead focus on how they spend their time.

If you like traveling but don’t want to be stuck in a hotel conference room, find someone who travels but is able to work from anywhere.

If you enjoy working from home and do not want to travel for work, find a home-based business entrepreneur who does not travel often.

You will then see the path they took to be successful and you can take similar steps.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If you want to be a successful real estate broker, find someone that is successful financially and whose lifestyle you want to emulate.


Successful entrepreneurs see a problem and provide a solution.

The problem could be based on the things we like, dislike, are passionate about or a need in the community. Design the life you want to live by mapping out a product or service that will give you the freedom you need to live the life you want.


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