Just Start and You Will Succeed

Just Start and You Will Succeed

An opinion on the The War of Art


The angst that you feel leaving a job to start a business can be paralyzing. This anxiety comes from fear of the unknown and resistance to change. But the desire to be an entrepreneur comes from a desire within to be your authentic self.

Taking that first job when you graduate from school is an exciting time for most. You took that job thinking it will allow you to live the life you envision. You think you’ll be able to buy what you want, travel, and live the good life. Well, when you get that job you soon realize that it’s boring at best or soul crushing at worst. You can’t buy as many things as you thought you could, you don’t travel as often because now two weeks just doesn’t seem like enough time, if you can afford it. Your life is ok but you feel yourself going in a direction you didn’t expect and don’t care for.

You’re disappointed and you’ve lost touch with your authentic self.

So what can you? You can try to find another job, maybe going to a new company will help. You can find a hobby that feeds your passion or you can focus on your family. For some, these options are great and they become content.

For others, those options don’t give the relief they are seeking as they are not feeding their creativity. These people, who desire more but don’t act are who the The War of Art speaks to.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield can be summed up by this quote “It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is resistance.”

The book’s main aim is to show you how to overcome resistance to action. The principles of this book can be applied to any endeavor that you seek to accomplish which is beyond your current norm. How to tap into and live your passion is the point of this book. The author believes that resistance exists between the life we’re living and the life within us that remains unlived. Resistance as used by the author is inertia, that force that does not want to allow change.

If you hate your job you stay there because leaving seems too hard or you’re unsure of what to do. Resistance uses instant gratification, as a means to forgo the long term desires we may have. You hate your job, but in your time off you are on Facebook for hours or watch TV instead of writing that novel you dream about or developing that business plan which will allow you to become an entrepreneur.

So of course there must be a way to battle resistance and you do that by starting and continuing. If you want to write a novel start writing and continue writing. If you want to start a business and be an entrepreneur develop your business plan and start working.

Self-doubt will creep in, you will question if you’re good enough and ask yourself, ‘does what I’m doing really matter?’ But the truth is your work doesn’t have to save the world it just has to be important to you. And you doing what is important to you will change the world.

The author discusses the difference between an amateur and professional. The difference being that the professional masters the technique of the art. The professional continues doing the art even when it is hard to do so. Start your business and keep working, even when it gets hard, even when you get distracted. Keep going!

A key concept in the book is dealing with fear. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome, while the amateur will not act until the fear is overcome. However, fear always exists and courage comes from acting in the face of fear.

Often people believe that the fear that holds us back is the fear of failure but the main fear is the fear of success.


If we become successful, our life will change. We may lose friends and live a very different life than we do now. This fear is resistance and the way to overcome it is by doing. Doing what you want to do not just what you think will work.


If you work consistently in a way that is authentic you will overcome resistance.


The take away from this book is to start, do it consistently and never give up.

Is that practical? Well, there is power and momentum in starting. Once you start your creativity is awakened and if you’re living your passion that is success.


If you want to read this book for yourself, click the link below. This book is a great motivational tool to help you see that you can become successful and create the business or art that you dream of.

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