5 Steps to Getting a Government Contract

  Want to Grow Your Business? Consider Federal Government Contracts   5 Steps to Getting a Federal Government Contract     If you’re looking for new markets for your business, consider getting a Federal Government contract. This article focuses on Federal Government (“Government”) contracts but the same general principles may apply to state, county and[…]

10 Things To Do After You Have Started Your Business

You’ve Started Your Business, Now What?   10 things to do after you have started your business.   Set Up Your Business Structure (Legal Entity Creation) Being a business is often more than just an idea and action. There needs to be a business structure in place for operational and tax reasons. Decide if you’re going to[…]

GrowthCon (2015)

Entrepreneur Magazine held its 7th Annual Growth Conference in Miami Beach on February 4, 2015 giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and gain ideas, which will lead to success. Take-a-ways from the opening and breakout sessions I attended Opening remarks: Use failure as fuel to succeed not a reason to give up. Sales & Marketing,[…]

Validate Your Business Idea

Validate Your Business Idea   You have a great business idea and you’re ready to launch. Before you launch full scale you may want to launch to a smaller market to see how your business is received. This will show you if you’re really solving a problem that people have. The way you do this[…]

Entrepreneur Act, How to Get Started: Execution

Entrepreneur Act How to Get Started: Execution   You have an idea and a plan to turn that idea into a business. NOW it’s time to execute that idea. Here’s how you do that with these 3 steps.   1. Laser focused plan execution You’ve created your plan of how you’re going to turn your[…]

Entrepreneur Plan, How to Get Started: Planning

Entrepreneur Plan How to Get Started: Planning   So you have a great idea for a product or you want to offer a service to a niche market but don’t know how to get started? Once you have an idea for a business you need to figure out how you’re going to execute that business.[…]

Entrepreneur Think, How to Get Started: Idea

Entrepreneur Think How to Get Started: Idea Creation   Do you have the drive to be an Entrepreneur but you don’t have a business idea? Do you have a great method to bring products to market but lack a product? The five steps below will help you come up with ideas you can use to[…]